Hydrogen Insight
Hydrogen Insight provides a space for discussion on the current state of the global hydrogen sector, as well as a focus on challenges and opportunities for the further development of the industry. In each episode, a different guest will provide insight on the development of hydrogen energy resources across different regions around the world, as well as into topics related to their professional experience and expertise.
Episode 5
For the fifth episode we spoke to Gennadi Finkelshtain, chief technology officer and vice president at GenCell. Gennadi is an experienced scientific project manager with responsibility for R&D and production activities across the company. Prior to joining GenCell, he served as General Manager and CTO of Medis Technologies (USA), the leading borohydride fuel cell company.
Episode 4
For this episode we had Mr. Massimiliano Cervo, MSc. Chem, FMVA. Director of Business Development at H2helium and Regional Fellow for the World Energy Council. Tune in to hear about green hydrogen financing, future industry predictions and more.
Episode 3
For the third episode, we sat down with Thierry Lepercq, founder of DH2 Energy, Soladvent, and Solairedirect, as well as former Executive Vice President in charge of Research, Technology and Innovation at Engie to hear about one of the world's most ambitious and innovative business-driven green hydrogen complete value chain projects - HyDeal Ambition