Opportunities for Cooperation in Uzbekstan′s Green Energy Sector
Green and Smart Energy Organization (GSEO) 2021-08-12 17:31:50

The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Uzbekistan is currently deeply invested in achieving the national goal of energy security in line with the Strategy for development of Uzbekistan for 2017-2021 and modernizing corporate governance in the energy sector according to the World Bank’s proposal for optimizing production processes. There is currently a strong need for cooperation and investment in the energy sector, with estimates that Uzbekistan’s energy demand will nearly double by 2030, and that over 6.4 GW of outdated equipment at thermal power plants are expected to be decommissioned. Additionally, the Ministry has targeted the construction of new and renewable energy sources, including 1.9 GW of hydro-power generation and a 2.4 GW nuclear power plant, and aims for the total share of solar and wind power plants in power generation to increase to 21%. These figures and targets demonstrate Uzbekistan’s need for increased investment in the energy sector and its potential to become a beneficial location for international cooperation.

TheSilk Road Energy Dialogue: Opportunities for Cooperation in Uzbekstan’s Green Energy Sector jointly hosted by the Green Smart Energy Organization (GSEO) and the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Uzbekistan will be held online through ZOOM recently. At that time, Mr. Sherzod Khodjaev, the Deputy Minister of Energy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Mr. Bekzod Asadov, leading specialist at the department of RES Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and officials from the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan will introduce the basics of Uzbekistan National conditions, the development status of Uzbekistan's renewable energy and its investment needs.

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