The 2021 International Conference on Cooperation in the Hydrogen Energy Industry was held in Chengdu on May 28. It was the first high-level energy-related summit held in Sichuan since China made its international commitment to achieve a peak in carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality. Representatives from more than 120 international and domestic companies and organizations took part in the conference, including the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE), Hydrogen Europe Research, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, Verbund VG, ENEOS, ITOCHU, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Shenzhen Energy, State Power Investment, Shanghai Electric, CPECC, CSSC, CRRC and other domestic leading companies in the field of hydrogen energy. The summit put forward an ambitious blueprint for Sichuan’s construction of the “Pioneer Zone for International Hydrogen Energy Cooperation” and China’s first hydrogen export transportation line, and built a bridge to incubate major projects and inspire smart development within the industry.
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