Episode 5: Gennadi Finkelshtain
2021-09-29 08:37:28

For the fifth episode we spoke to Gennadi Finkelshtain, chief technology officer and vice president at GenCell. Gennadi is an experienced scientific project manager with responsibility for R&D and production activities across the company. Prior to joining GenCell, he served as General Manager and CTO of Medis Technologies (USA), the leading borohydride fuel cell company. Mr. Finkelshtain holds an M.Sc. from the Saint Petersburg State Technological University of Plant Polymers and has been granted more than 40 patents on various topics related to fuel cell technologies. The Israeli-based company provides affordable clean energy for off-grid and poor-grid telecom, rural electrification, and mission-critical backup.

There are advantages to extracting hydrogen from ammonia in fuel cells. In Mr. Finkelstain's view ammonia is a very promising hydrogen carrier, with greater potential for storage than liquid hydrogen. Ammonia has well-established infrastructure with an annual production today reaching 200 million tons. Alkaline fuel cell technology can convert ammonia to electricity, and GenCell has developed and produced this technology since 2011. The company manufactures electrochemical generators based on alkaline fuel cell technology with platinum-free components, unlike conventionally used proton exchange membranes. GenCell’s fuel cells bring solutions to the market and their products operate under challenging environmental conditions.

Join in to hear about other advantages of alkaline fuel cell technology and using liquid electrolytes, ammonia for mobility applications, and more.

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